July 3

My last night in Turkey!

After wrapping things up at the residency, Mehmet and I went to his friends cave house to have farewell raki and snacks to watch the sunset. I ended up getting some great photos of the inside and outside of the cave house, so it was a perfect encap to the trip, a last little addition to the project. Mehmet told me some great stories that he was told by his family of spirits that inhabit these lands.. ghost stories to accompany a rather spectacular sunset.

It was sad to see my trip come to a close.. I will definitely be back Cappadoccia, but good bye for now. Onwards to Venice to see the Biennale. I will be writing about it my general art blog – http://ailischmeltz.blogspot.com/

The next phase in The Lives of Cappadoccia Project will be developed over the next few months. Upon return to Los Angeles, I will compile this immense amount of information that I have gathered, the photographs, writings and drawings into a book and will be using the wood, carpet scraps and tassles to make sculptural frame/ assemblage forms. With the gathering of information stage complete, now my challenge will be to interpret, clarify and sift through all of it to figure out its final incarnate form. I will keep you all informed of my progress here on this blog so stay tuned!!


About Lives of Cappadocia Project

Aili Schmeltz is a contemporary visual artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA.
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